Favorite Places

Clan Nightwolf

The medieval re-creation (or is that recreation?) group to which I belong. Loosly affiliated with the SCA, we attend larger events in Arizona, bringing drumming, dancing, and home-brewed mead!


This is one of those kind of home pages that no one really makes anymore. It's a monument to the glory of The Desert Yeti and really serves no other purpose. Herein you'll find a collection of largely context specific things that relate to me, my hobbies, or my friends in some way. So if you don't know me, you probably want to keep surfing. If you do know me, you probably already know all of this stuff, but here it is anyway... in a format (and with vague notion of independence) that makes it not quite as gay as MySpace.


Current Events

Finally got a rear locker in the Blazer (Detroit locker in the 14 bolt) and it is AWESOME on the rocks! Hope to get out again before then, but planning now for the big series of trail runs in October in Florence!

Workshop project is probably over half done. Got 3 walls done, swamp cooler running, all the lighting and most of the other wiring installed. Now to just contruct new panels and figure out how to mount the tracks for the roll-up door I bought on Craig's List.