Tame Your Ignorance

I make no claim that any of the above links are without bias, only that they offer food for thought.



When Palin resigned she said that fighting unjust ethics complaints was immobilizing her. "I'm not going to let Alaskans go through a year of stymied, paralyzed administration and not getting anything done," she said. Someone asked how she would run the country if these accusations could stop her from running the state and Palin responded that the "department of law" protects the president. There's no such thing in the White House.



Guess what? THERE IS NO GOD. Now, I will qualify this by saying that there is no supernatural god, as defined by Sagan, Dawkins, and others... an omniscient and/or omnipotent being who takes an active interest in the affairs of man. This is a statisical improbability that ranks right up there with Elvis still being alive. Only for some reason, millions and millions of often otherwise rational people believe in a Judeo-Christian god while only a few thousand certifiably insane wack jobs actually think Elvis is still alive. I don't understand it.

We can have a debate about the nature of the universe, of matter, of energy. I'm happy to ponder these things and I'm not opposed to pondering philosphical questions that science has not yet, and perhaps cannot ever, answer. But if the kingpin of your argument ever becomes anything like "god works in mysterious ways" or "that's not for us to understand" I'll punch you in the mouth. Oh, and if you don't "believe in" (I love how the religious zealots have managed to impose their terminology on this debate) evolution, you probably don't even want to be seen in public with me.


Most Recent Outrage

Mother fucking "GodTube"? You've got to be kidding me. Yep, you heard me. The Christian fundamentalists have their answer to the trashy irreverence of YouTube. For an exmaple of the sort of propaganda you'll find, check out this gem. There are a lot of things wrong with this video, but I'll start with the beginning. I get a kick out of the fact that it starts off its video argement for the end of days by quoting the number of deaths per day/hour/minute happening on the earth. Are people who buy into this shit really stupid enough that they don't understand that we are living longer and reproducing in greater numbers and with greater health than ever before? The earth's population is growing exponentially, not dying off.

I also find it extremely ironic that some of the iconic acts of violence pictured in the video (the World Trade Center, for example) are the direct result of religious zealotry. IF (and it's a huge IF) let's say you buy this crap for a moment, do you then opine that it's your duty as a follower of god to help bring about the end of days? How does that work? You going to blow some shit up too? If you want my suggestion, start with your own fucking church.